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Anchor Charm Bracelet

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Anchor Charm Bracelets Designed For BOTH Men & Women.

Showcase this stylish, adjustable Anchor Bracelet anywhere, anytime, with its handy waterproof capability.

We've designed this bracelet with a polyester rope band to give it a very nautical appeal, and ultimately reflect the true nature of anchors. 

While being both very stylish and appealing, this rope band is also very comfortable, due to its smooth and soft edges - making it perfect for sensitive skin. 

At approximately 40cm in length, this bracelet will be long enough to wrap around any wrist and ensure a snug fit with its adjustable capabilities - ensuring that it will not become a distraction during your day to day activities.

This bracelet truly is a one size fits all. To see how to make it the perfect fit for your wrist, please refer to the "How Does It Work" section below.

Topping off the entire bracelet is a sleek golden anchor charm that acts as both the main focal point for the bracelet, as well as the clasp that will keep the bracelet secure on your wrist.

We've designed this anchor charm with zinc alloy to ensure the greatest durability and resistance to corrosion - ultimately ensuring that this bracelet will be of the highest quality and integrity.

Weighing approximately 7g, this bracelet will be hardly noticeable on your wrist, and will not take away the joy from your daily activities. 

Choose from our 7 amazing variants to find the color that is perfect for you.

A perfect summer gift for friends and family.

A must-have bracelet for all sailors, captains, boaters, and beach lovers.

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